VIOMI VF1-CB Herbaceous Refrigerator Air Clean Filter Sterilization

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Even in the low-temperature condition, the refrigerator may breed bacteria and odor. What's worse, only one kind of polluted food is able to infect other foods in the refrigerator. If you are accustomed to putting various foods into refrigerator without any classification, this VIOMI Air Clean Filter will be a necessity for you.

Main Features
Sterilizing function. Active factors of bactericidal enzyme will be released automatically by the filter and diffuse evenly through sustained-release compound films.
The sterilization rate is up to 99.9pct.
Eradicate odor. With herbaceous ingredients, the filter makes the refrigerator filled with mint smell that eradicates odor effectively and maintains the aromas of food.
One filter could clean 80 - 100L air space.
Easy operation. Just put it at the corner of refrigerator. Save the storage space.

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